Feasibility Study :

Preliminary studies aim at defining the objective partly depend on initial economic estimates and generally include :
  • Market analysis and trend analysis
  • Fixing of production capacity
  • Examination of competing processes and of the patent and license situation
  • Legal aspect
  • Estimation of investment costs
  • Estimation of production costs
  • Estimation of profitability
  • Selecting an appropriate plant location

Feed / Feed review :

  • Mechanical data sheets of the main equipment, starting from the process specifications issued during the BED and incorporating the specific requirements of codes and standards to be applied to the project in question.
  • Thermal rating of heat exchangers.
  • Preparation of tender packages for the main equipment.
  • Development of process and utility Piping and Instrument Diagrams released for detail engineering.
  • Development of detailed plot plans and hazardous areas.
  • Elaboration of the main piping, instrument, electrical and civil works layouts.
  • And, generally speaking, all the studies to be performed before ordering the main equipment

Detail Engineering :

  • Purchasing of equipment, main and bulk
  • Thermal rating of heat exchangers
  • Development of Piping and Instrument Diagrams released for construction
  • Development of detailed piping drawings, including isometrics and stress calculations
  • Development of detailed drawings related to instrumentation, electrical facilities and civil works
  • Management of vendor drawings
  • Cost and schedule control
  • Start-up procedures
  • Independent Appraisal and Analysis for safety and lifetime instruments
  • Rigs
  • Pipe
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Rotating equipment
  • Electrical

Preliminary design  :

The objective of preliminary design is to obtain a more exact calculation that takes into account all costs up to commissioning. In this stage of design the engineering details are worked out. The followings are conducted :
  • Final selection of site locations
  • Thermal rating of heat exchangers
  • Process design (process flow diagrams and parameters such as operating temperatures and pressures and flow rates)
  • Basic Engineering (geometric dimensions of individual equipment items, design temperatures and pressures, materials of construction, layout of the entire plant)
  • Calculation of plant costs